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Climate Change for Dummies Series

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Maybe I shouldn’t have called this series ‘for dummies’, I don’t mean to imply anything by that but it’s done now!

I’m posting part 3 of the series today which took longer than I thought. The new article which is the previous blog post to this one is called “How we know that the Earth is warming up

If you haven’t read the first two blogs, please read them first. I designed the series to build up the evidence in an incremental fashion. The articles are just below in my blog, or you can use the links below:

Part 1: How do we know that recent increases in CO2 levels are man-made?

Part 2: How do we know that CO2 causes the planet to warm up?

Part 3: How we know that the Earth is warming up

Part 4: How we know for sure that we are responsible for warming the earth

I hope you find them informative and clearly written – that’s the goal anyway.