Moon, Venus and Jupiter from Bath

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Mar 272012

Took this image whilst parked on Brassknocker Hill just south of Bath. Just a bit earlier I had taken a series of killer images of the trio with Bath Abbey in the foreground with my son, Tom, only to discover that I had no memory card in the camera!

This image was about a 10 second exposure, the moon is deliberately over exposed in an attempt to pick up the stars in Orion and Taurus.

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The Moon, Jupiter and Venus

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Mar 262012

As described in my post on 22nd March this event was indeed a lovely sight yesterday evening with the young crescent moon very close to Jupiter and not far below Venus.  Take advantage of this current clear weather in the UK and watch out this evening when the Moon will be much closer to Venus

This image was taken from my garden in Ham with a Canon 350D using the standard 18-55mm lens. Setting were ISO800, f/5, 1/8th second exposure.

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Great seeing in the UK for Mars

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Mar 242012

High pressure is dominating over the UK for a few days bringing glorious weather and last night at least, great seeing conditions. I had perhaps the best eyepiece view of the Red Planet I can remember, and it was rock steady on the laptop screen. If only it was bigger than 13.2 arc-seconds!

The Northern Polar region is at the bottom and the dark area center bottom is Mare Acidelium with Sinus Meridian the dark region disappearing on the left. The large dark region in the upper part of the image is Mare Erythraeum. I think that the black dot on the right limb is the top of the volcano Olympus Mons poking through the clouds. (correction it is Ascraeus Mons poking up – thanks to Martin Mobberley for this).  Click on the image to see it at full size.

I’m adding his image for comparison – taken 24 hours later. The seeing was not as good, so a ‘softer’ result was obtained.

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Young Moon joins Venus and Jupiter

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Mar 222012

This image generated by Stellarium shows the situation from the UK, looking West, as it will be on Sunday March 25th 2012 at approximately 7:15 pm. The Moon will be a thin crescent of about 9%. Keen observers will have noticed that Venus and Jupiter have moved further apart since their beautiful conjuction last week, however this will still be a lovely event to see.

If you click on this image to see it a full size, you can see that Venus is not far below the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters which is a lovely, bright, open star cluster in Taurus. Orion, The Hunter, is just off to the East. Also notice the line on the image; This is the Ecliptic which marks the apparent path that the Sun follows through the sky over the course of the year. The planets can also be found close to the Ecliptic plane and this explains why they are also seen in the Zodiacal constellations (but don’t mention the 13th constellation of the Zodiac – Ophiuchus (The Serpent Bearer) as it upsets the astrologers!)

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First Mars Image of 2012

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Mar 192012

Having just got back from a refreshing week skiing in La Tania, France, I finally got of my backside to do some Mars Imaging. I have actually tried recently but could not get a good blue channel, and I have realised that my secondhand Trutek blue filter has no IR-cut! (in other words it is a Type I). This meant I was getting IR leakage in my blue images, thus ruining the final RGB. Anyway, now I’m back to my good old Astronomik Type II RGB filters,and here’s the result from last night. This is an RRGB image, meaning that I re-used the red for the luminance. Additionally, I used the amazing WinJupos program to de-rotate the images and was therefore able to shoot longer AVI sequences than normal.

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