The Seven Sisters

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Dec 092021

The Pleiades, M45 in Taurus is the closest Messier object in the sky and is easily visible to the naked eye. What is not visible is the beautiful nebulosity around the young, hot, blue stars that make up this open star cluster. However, long exposure astrophotography reveals the nebulosity and this image is an integration of 174, five minute exposures making a total exposure time of 14.5 hours. To see details of the telescope setup that I used to take this image from my home click here.

Click on the image below to see the full resolution version.

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Comet meets Globular Cluster

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Dec 042021

Yesterday morning (3rd Dec 2021) Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) had a close encounter with the lovely globular cluster called M3. When I say ‘close’ I mean in an apparent way because the comet is in our Solar System and the globular cluster is about 34,000 light years away above the galactic plane!

I took this image with my remote telescope in Spain. It’s quite tricky creating a pretty image of the comet and the starry background at the same time because the comet moved slightly during the 20 minutes it took to capture all the images. This comet was aligned and stacked separately from the stars and then the two images were merged together.

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