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Messing about with Remote Imaging

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Since the weather here in the UK has been pretty bad (for astronomy) recently I decided to have a go at remote imaging. I used the smallest (and cheapest!) remote telescope at the ‘Light Buckets’ facility. This is a high quality 110mm APO refractor based in the Southern part of the Rhone Alps in France. The camera is an SBIG ST-8 non-antibloming CCD , but the main thing was that it was clear! I set up 5 exposures with a Luminance (clear) filter and waited. The next morning, I had an email telling me the run was complete and I downloaded the ‘light’ images along with the calibration frames (Dark, Flat and Bias). The result after a few minutes in Maxim DL and Photoshop CS3 is show below. (click to see the full-sized image).

Oh, by the way this is M33 in Triangulum.